Copperfield’s Mastery of Optical Illusion

How to surprise and attract attention in times that are so full of diversity? When choosing furniture, a demanding customer strives not only for top class quality, but also for uniqueness and a possibility of self-expression.

In our company, we follow trends and are fans of bold innovations. We appreciate sense of humor in selected pieces of furniture which, due to optical illusion, differ from standard conception. First example is the “Shadow chair”. In the picture, you can find out the refined way in which the so called shadow serves as a stabilization element of the chair.

Shadow chair

Another example that catches attention at the first sight is the “Levitating chair” created by Japanese designers. As you can see, it is a very simple trick which can be created by using white colored coating on the chair’s legs combined with a white environment.

Invisible levitating chair

Who wouldn’t want to be able to control spells and magic? Also in our company, we master a trick which deceives the human eye when we sample such ABS furniture edging which completely merges with planar material. To make the symbiosis perfect, it is necessary to adjust not only identical coloring as a chameleon, but also the structure. After thoroughly plastering the furniture part, color transition is completely minimized and the final effect looks natural and harmonic.

On our web pages, you can watch the overview of new decorations on which we practice this trick to achieve the magician’s mastery.