Comparative tables of ABS and melamine edgebanding

HCO 0764

HCO 0765

MEL 1570 PE

  • HU 10113 - ABS White Pearl - 16x0,45mm, 16x1mm, 19x0,45mm, 19x1mm, 19x2mm TS, 22x0,45mm, 22x0,7mm, 22x0,8mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x0,45mm, 23x1mm TS, 23x1,5mm, 23x2mm, 23x3mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 32x1mm, 32x2mm, 33x0,45mm, 42x0,45mm, 42x0,8mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 55x2mm, 205x0,7mm, 405x0,45mm, 405x0,8mm TS, 405x1mm, 405x1,5mm, 405x2mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued, 22x0,7mm Preglued, 42x0,45mm Preglued


  • HU 10113 - ABS White Smooth - 16x1mm TS, 19x1mm TS, 22x0,45mm, 22x0,8mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x0,45mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 25x1mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 28x1mm, 32x2mm, 33x0,45mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 42x0,45mm, 42x0,8mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 43x1mm, 43x2mm, 46x2mm, 54x1mm TS, 55x2mm, 405x0,45mm, 405x0,8mm TS, 405x1mm, 405x2mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued, 23x0,45mm SK, 42x0,45mm Preglued
  • HU 10113 - ABS Weiß Soft XK - 23x0,8mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 28x0,8mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 33x0,8mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 43x0,8mm, 43x1mm, 43x2mm, 405x0,8mm, 405x1mm, 405x2mm

MEL 2191 PE

  • HU 17035 - ABS Grey Pearl - 23x0,8mm, 23x1mm TS, 23x2mm, 28x2mm, 32x1mm, 32x2mm, 33x2mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 43x2mm, 205x0,8mm TS, 205x1mm, 205x2mm

MEL 2514 PE

  • HU 12516 - ABS Beige Pearl - 22x1mm, 23x0,8mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 28x2mm, 33x0,8mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 42x2mm, 43x0,8mm, 43x1mm, 43x2mm, 205x0,8mm TS, 205x1mm, 205x2mm

MEL 3525

  • HD 246252 - ABS Eiche Chalet Pore - 22x1mm Softmatt, 22x2mm Softmatt, 23x1mm Softmatt, 23x2mm Softmatt, 33x1mm Softmatt, 33x2mm Softmatt, 42x1mm Softmatt, 42x2mm Softmat, 43x1mm Softmatt, 43x2mm Softmatt, 340x1mm Softmatt, 340x2mm Softmatt

MEL 4347

MEL 4375

MEL 5574