Design edges

Unique design furniture edges that give your furniture an exclusive look.


We also provide ABS edges with aluminium foil, used mainly for kitchen cabinet doors. Our edges with an aluminium surface can vary from shiny and smooth chrome to a ground one.


Another type is our 3D acrylic edge, combining ABS edges quality and a 3D look created by clear acrylics layers. 

HD 293740 - ABS Spiegelkante

22x1mm Glanz 90°, 23x1mm Glanz 90°, 45x1mm Glanz 90°, 330x1mm

HD 29661 - ABS Brushed Alu

22x0,5mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 42x0,5mm, 43x1mm, 45x2mm, 330x0,5mm, 330x1mm, 330x2mm, 22x0,5mm Preglued, 42x0,5mm Preglued

HD 29782 - ABS Alu Smooth

22x0,5mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 45x2mm, 330x0,5mm, 330x1mm, 330x2mm, 22x0,5mm Preglued